What is Disaster Recovery?

This is the ability to restore your entire system to a point prior to the failure as quickly and effortlessly as possible. A good disaster recovery solution can literally save many man-days of work in the event of a catastrophic system loss, such as hardware failure, fire, flood or theft.


At SOL Computers, we recognise that the most valuable component of your computer system is the data that you hold on it. In the event of a catastrophic failure (fire or theft, for example), hardware and software can be replaced but your data is irreplaceable. For this reason, we recommend that every system that we install has the most rigorous data protection possible; we also recommend that any backup solution should also include mechanisms for disaster recovery- there seems, to us, little point in having backup tapes if an engineer needs to spend several days on-site reconfiguring a new server simply to get to the point where they can restore your data from tape.

Most people think that planning for a disaster is only necessary for large businesses. Many small businesses these days are just as dependant on their computers for their day to day operations as the multinationals. Just think how would your business operate if you had switched on your PC this morning and the hard disk had failed? What if the PC failed to start at all? What if some of your critical data had been accidentally (or maliciously) erased ?

It is not just businesses that need to consider backups and disaster recovery planning but home users too. What would you do if  your hard disk failed and you lost all of your emails, photos or music?

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