At SOL Computers we know the trauma that an out of action PC can bring to a business or home user and bearing this in mind and where possible, we offer an onsite repair service to our customers.

One of the biggest concerns of our clients apart from “what will it cost” and “how long will it take to repair”, is the possible loss of valuable data. Should your computer be damaged in such a way either through hard drive failure, software corruption or a virus etc, SOL Computers will endeavour to recover your files for you and minimise the loss of your data.

Before any repair work is carried out on any computer, we will give you an assessment of the work to be undertaken and the cost involved before proceeding and give you sound advice on the practicality of an affective repair.

When your computer is not running quite as it should; let us take a look and we will carry out a thorough diagnosis of the problem.

We can check out the hardware components to ensure the memory and disks are working as they should; plus we can also carry out software diagnostics to pin point where the problems are occurring.

We can check for Viruses and trojans and check you are up to date with operating system patches etc