If your hardware is begining to struggle – maybe it just isn?t up to the job you are asking it to do anymore.

We can provide upgrades to give a new lease of life to flagging old computers. Depending on the age of your PC, upgrading can sometimes be a cost-effective method of keeping your computer up-to-date.


Improving your computers performance can be a simple matter. It may only require a larger capacity hard drive or extra memory. It may need a newer motherboard to support the faster processors on the market.


We can fit DVD writers to allow you to backup your valuable data or maybe you would like a new slimline LCD monitor to replace that old one you?ve been looking at for years. Maybe you just want a new printer or scanner setting-up properly.


We can also carry out upgrades to software ? so if you want to upgrade to the latest operating system or newest version of the software you are using then give us a call


Whatever the upgrade SOL Computers will assess the best option for you and advise you on the best way forward to maximise your PC’s potential.

There are quite a few factors to consider before one should resort to buy desktop PC to replace your old computers which may be suffering from relatively low speed and slow processing of tasks when running your programs. Sometimes what you need is an updgrade instead of a costly purchase of a brand new unit which is uneconomical given today’s challenging economic times. We here at  SOL Computers will be more than glad to upgrade your existing computers to be able to keep up with your required tasks and give it a new lease on life.